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Why smoking start whit young people

Smoking is very common in today’s society; however, more and more young people smoking are very much common today. The young people’s smoking has become popular in newspaper and TV programs.  There is some mentioned that smoking is like a killer in our life; it can affect a person who is getting cancer or other health system illnesses, such as lung disease, especially in children. Another group is over twenty-five year-old males and females who smoke cigarettes in American. Lots of people smoke because they feel relaxed when they smoke. On the other hand, if people who smoke for lifetime, they will not be able to have good health. Instead, the secondhand smoking is more serious than for the person who just smoked. From this problem, some reports have shown that secondhand smoke is more harmful to health. Another equally essential thing should be mentioned that, there is a lot of females also smoking. Thus, People are looking for a answer. What kind of temptation could cause people to smoke, especially young people; moreover, they want to find a solution for how we can reduce the number of people who are smoking.


Our purpose was to look for general reasons why some people smoke. We wanted to know about how often a smoker smokes. Next, what happened that caused a person to star smoking. As far as I know, to find out whom a smoker usually with whom, in addition, we wanted to use people’ suggestion to help people who smoked.

III- Hypothesis:

In my opinion today, the more and more females are suffering from the stress, which come from different fields. Therefore it is a useful way for females to reduce the stress. In the modern society no one can deny that, male smoking has been common condition, from the pass until now. Moreover perhaps smoking never failed to fascinate young people. I thought that they were curious about smoking with a strong passion. The children usually used to imitate some behavior from their parents.



We named around seven to nine questions for the survey. And this survey was not only about smokers. Non –smoker were asked too. We asked what feeling a smoker has, and when they smoked, and we tried to find the answer from the non-smokers; how did they feel about why the people usually smoke.


We asked about 40 people on our campus; in CESL we just interviewed a few people, and we also did this in the student center. There were more people there than in CESL. Moreover, from the interviewed, we did all of this study, including the males and females, at the same time; some people were young people.

Seal, B.  (1998). Smoking. In Academic Encounters: Human behavior. pp.31-33. New York:  Cambridge Aviv. Press

VI.  Data

See appendix B.

VII. Results

According to the chart 78.9 percent of males smoke; 21.1percent of females smoke. Also these people usually smoke alone and with other people have a number is 12.5 percent. However, people who from these group smoke in public only have 8.3 percent, and some of them smoke in the private with 25 percent, but people who smoke in the both place has 66.7 percent of these people. Many smokers smoke because of stress and because of their friends also smoke with 49.2persent. There are 39.5 percent people give suggestion to help people who smoke to quite smoke. So the survey shows that people care about themselves even if they smoke.

VIII- Conclusion And Discussion

My hypothesis was similar to my survey; there are just a small number for female smoke, and there has a big number with people who care themselves. I learned that people who always smoke in the public always with other people. If I have a chance to did this survey again, I will make other question for the survey, and make some plane for people who  smoke to help them to quite smoke.

IX- Reference

Seal, B.  (1998).  Smoking.  In Academic Encounters: Human Behavior. Pp.  31-33. New York: Cambridge University Press.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Children will learn more if they enjoying their life

 Children will learn more if they enjoying their life

       Today, children always feel tired and stressful; even sometimes, they always said, “ I usually feel unhappy, but it isn’t something around me.” I got some information from the Internet , which is that most parents had a  complaint about the children’s homework. I think those children born in this generation are the more different from the children born in the past time. However, some students have a lot of homework;they do their homework when they go back home until the midnight. On the other hand, more and more teachers want to give student much homework as practice, but they never thought about whether they could remember all of it? Many people are arguing about whether there is too much homework or too little, or whether the students really need homework(Strauss,2009). 

      I think students need more good practice and skills during the class. when children do much homework, it causes them to be unable to have their own space to create some new event. In my opinion, children need some time to create. They could not only pay attention to their homework, if they cannot sleep well; a consequence is that they will not have a good health. On other hand, if they do not have good skills and did not create anything by themselves, it will be a problem in the future. 

The first reason that children could not to do a lot at home is that they need to sleep well. Health is an important thing for everyone. Children are in a time when they are growing up, if they cannot sleep well, they cannot grow enough, and other health problems will come. And ‘’American association ‘’ pinned homework and child labor as leading killers of children who contracted tuberculosis and heart disease’’(Strauss, 2006 para.  6). I had an experience studying in my high school; I just slept for five hours. From my experience, a student cannot have a good rest; they will not have a good condition in the next day class. Students really need good health. 

Many students only pay attention to their homework; they do not know how to open their mind or how to create new interesting things. I think students’ studying in class that is better than doing a lot of homework at home. However, a teacher’s job is to help students to study well. a teacher has to teach student what should they do, and open their mind. A Teacher has to act in a role to lead the student. When the students get what the teacher thought about during the class, they could use the knowledge to create another new event when they go back home after school. For example, when students study in my country, they are only have time to do to the homework.  Even sometimes one book of the homework seeks like a dictionary, but they have to finish not only on the ‘’dictionary” during one night. I think students have to develop creative ability, so they can more flexible in their study or work in the future. Children need to belong to themselves more.

However, some teachers think that they just want to give an opportunity for students to improve their study ability, and some parents think it is right, it has a lot of benefits for their children. But I do not think it is right;and other people also think it is not good ‘’what is perhaps more important, he said, is that most teachers get little or no training on how to create homework assignments that advance learning. (Strauss, 2006, p.1).   I agree with this opinion, because if a student gets the homework from the teacher which has not been done well by the teacher, that will be a terrible for students. They also cannot give the student enough skills and the basic practice.

In conclusion, students need homework to review what they have already studied, they should not really have to do a lot of the homework. They need more space belonging to themselves, if like that, they can show some ability the parents and teacher never knows. If they have good health, they can study well; the parents and teacher need to pay more attention to their growth, skills and creative ability. If they can enjoy themselves, they should be growing up well.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

To pursue wealth and fame

To pursue wealth and fame

             In the article “Achieving Fame, Wealth and Beauty are Psychological Dead Ends,’’ author said that many people think the wealth is important to everything, the fame and beauty have same position in people life. But the author states the fact is people who have a good relationship are have advantage for themselves. People who just graduate from university, they have to choose a goal without university and family environment.  But if people always think the wealth is the most important and get want they want to get easily, that will not be good at their health.

In conclusion, people have to care about inside beauty; do not always care about the outside. Thus, the outside beauty can makes people feel stress and physic problems.


            In my opinion, wealth just a part of our life, is necessary for us, but sometimes it is not good for us. It is good for us, because we need the wealth such as, house, car, and money. We need this to live; those are basic condition for people’s lives. But some people thought the wealth is the most part in their life. However, if we died, how should we take wealth with us?

            First, wealth is important for us. I would like to have a lot of money; I think that many people have the same opinion with me. If I have enough money, I can give my children a good study environment to study, and also give them a good place to live in the future. If I have enough money I can support myself to study for whenever I want to. In this case, I think the wealth is that act an important rules in our life.

            Second, the wealth it is also important because it is can makes happy for us. If we have enough wealth that we can go to anywhere we want to go. As me, if I have enough money I hope that I can travel around the world with my parents. Wealth some time is a good thing for us. Everyone needs wealth. I think there is no on else what to live in a poor group.

            Third, I think wealth can help us dream become to true. I stay music in my country. Study music is very expensive. So if my family does not have enough wealth, how can I study music of 4 years? Therefore, health helps us to study knowledge. And we can use the wealth on different to become success. If someone has enough wealth, they can take care about their health. For this reason, if people who have the illness, they can use he money to help them to get recover.

            Health is really important for us, even if we do not have the enough health, we will stay in a difficult live. We cannot have a good health, we can learn what we want to study, and we cannot see what we want see in the world, so do not have to much wealth that over your ability. If like this the wealth is important for us.



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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Car is the best transportation for trip

            I would like to use a car as a transportation as tool when I traveling on the vacation. Because of the car is really convenient to take you to get anywhere, and also, car can save a lot of money for the people who during the trip for traveling. I think traveling by car is best because I had an experience when I was traveling on last winter vacation, my friends and I, when we were driving a car as transportation. As it was my experience that we saved a lot of money on the trip, we only spend $400 on the oil, however, we did not send any money on the transportation beside the 400 dollars. If we had chosen to an airplane, it would have cost us over a thousand dollars. On the other hand, we went to many places for this trip, we used GPS, we typed the specific address, and then we got many place. Even people who driving the car have a little tried, but with other kinds by transportation you can get there also. If people who have a chance to travel drive a car, I think it is really exciting, and also too have fun. I really suggest that people who travel can drive a car, because of it is really convenient, safe, and it is a lot of fun during the trip to drive car.


Monday, July 13, 2009

There are not all of stress can affect people

In the article, “coping with stress,” it states that people have a different attitude about how to deal with stress problem; some people have self-control that on the stress, and also the personality can decide people how to face the stress. There are two examples to prove that people deal with the stress in different ways when they feel stressful; therefore, they have a different result, which is illness, or other is a fighter. Issues of consequence come form a text from two rates: the people who have the ability to decompress by themselves, and one’s ability to keep well psychologically and physically. On the other hand, if someone could know that they family member dead before, thus, it will be reduce, which feeling, the whole pain and surfing. Or someone can control the bad situation. However, death for people is very fearful for anybody, but it is also a serious thing. Furthermore, on the contact, whose illness is cause by stress; even though, the person will not have a good health after have stress. So, whatever what happened to cause the person to have stress, we still want to live in the world; therefore, we have to learn how to face up to the fearful situation, look at  it as a war, and try our best to compete with the war.

The stress is a big problem in the modern time. People, who have the different attitude about their stress, also have a different ways to solve this problem, the personality cause the people have a different situation on stress; I had not thought that for people to knows the bad news before is a good things; also, people who have challenge found out fear stress is really braved.

First, as I know, when the people have an emergency situation, different things will happen. For example, when I was in high school, every time we had an exam, I just wanted to go to the bathroom before the exam began, even sometimes I had a stomachs, but I still could get a good score, I do not think this stress caused my situation with illness, the stress is just a mental nervous reaction. But it is not an illness that  can cause people to be unable to work well.

Second, actually, the stress is most because of the people who have stronger emotion; they may easily get angry, or sometimes get too happy. But if a person knows this stress bout themselves, they do not have to control. Because this problem dose not seem like mental illness, so if we put most energy into control ourselves, that will makes themselves, whose situation getting seriously; it is not a good way to deal with stresses. I thought that for people to do some interesting things is a good way to face stress.

Third, the people do not have to know about the death before someone died. You can imagine what would happen knew you would die next week? How is your feeling? I am really afraid of this. It is a story about my family. My grandmother passed away 5years ago; we knew the bad news about her cancer situation the time is three months before she died, and it was too late for her to survive. We do not think it is a pity; we know that, if we had known it early, we still have no idea to do anything. Therefore, just know it on the right time, because if you know it early, you may not do anything well.

In conclusion, the different people have the different situation to face stresses, to control the stressful about emotion might cause people to have more stress, and also there is no benefit about knowing death. Try to do some interesting things when you feel stress. Try to talk about your stress to your friends. However, do not struggle with yourself. 



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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stressful of Carbondale

Although Carbondale is a beautiful place, and it is a good place to study, sometimes people can feel Carbondale does not have a lot of fun for young people. When I arrived here a few months ago I felt Carbondale was really  relaxed, but you can feel really bored after the first few months. First, Carbondale is very small; the bar is always open on friday every week; it will be closed on the other days. There are not a lot of Chinese restaurants in the small town, so, if I want to eat Chinese food I just can cook it by myself, but I really do not have enough time to put on my dinner or lunch; therefore, I also have stress on this point. Sometimes my friends can invite me to go to the church; it is fun, but my belief is not that, so I can not have passion with this activity. I might a little more seriously describe how stressful Carbondale is, but sometimes I thought that Carbondale is really suitable to live for the old people.